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Residential Pontoons

Servicing the residential market with commercial quality.
Pacific Pontoon is the Gold Coast's most experienced pontoon builder.

Pacific Pontoon has built large scale marinas for Versace, Gold Coast Waterways, GCCC and Transport and Main Roads. We have provided hundreds of residential clients with the same commercial experience and building with the same commercial grade materials; leaving no stone unturned and cutting absolutely no corners.

Operating out of Burleigh Heads, we complete all of your required permits and approvals; making the process a breeze. Having our own barge and equipment means we can get your pontoon on the water quicker then our competitiors. No waiting

in line for outsourced contractors!

Our unique and patented system requires very little maintenance, allowing you more time to spend on the water and less costs in the future. Keep an eye out on your local waterways for a Pacific Pontoon.  Our clients are often surprised by how inccredible they look for their age! 


We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a free quote and advice as to which pontoon design and accessories is best suited to your property and needs.

Piled Pontoons

The Pile Pontoon system is engineered to stand up to the riggers of more exposed areas and for mooring larger vessels, either on water or where applicable, pulled up on the deck for a dry berth. Some areas stipulate piled systems, while others the clients specific needs determines the application.

Strut Pontoons

The Strut Pontoon system is an intermediate design that provides more mooring capacity and the ability for a larger floating pontoon without the need for piles. The Strut Pontoon provides a cost effective outcome with a sleek finish.

Cable Pontoons

The Cable Pontoon system, is perfect for more sheltered areas and clients looking for a cost effective pontoon solution. The floating pontoon is a more modest size, connected back to our engineered points on land via the access gangway and stainless steel cables.

Dry Berth Pontoons

The ideal mooring solution for your boat is out of the water, it eliminates the need for routine anti fowling and will help guarantee the longevity of your vessel. Rolling your boat up onto the deck of your pontoon with a purpose built roller system allows you clear access to undertake maintenance and it provides you with security in knowing your boat is out of the water.


Contact us today to discuss your needs and receive an obligation free quote!

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